Can You Beat Fallout 4 Without Taking Any Damage?

With the right perks and armor, Fallout 4 can become a ridiculously easy game. Survival Mode can add a bit of a challenge, but it’s still not enough. I want every fight to be potentially fatal. Can You Beat Fallout 4 Without Taking Any Damage? Equipment I use (and other affiliate links): Buy Fallout 76: Elgato HD60 S Capture Card: Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface: Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR Microphone: Apple iMac: Western Digital 4TB My Passport: Samsung T5 500GB Portable SSD: Tribesigns L-Shaped Corner Desk: Check out some of my other Fallout videos if you enjoyed this one: Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Without A Pip-Boy: Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Taking Any Damage: Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas as a Giant: Can You Beat Fallout 3 as a Baby: Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Without Attacking Anything: Can You Beat Fallout 3 With No Skills Or Perks: Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas By Only Moving Backwards: Support me on Patreon!, or don’t: SUBSCRIBE! Twitter: Can You Beat Fallout 4 Without Taking Any Damage? (in text form) As is tradition by this point, I’m not going to manually reload a save if I take damage. I set my max health to 1 so that any damage at all will kill me. As you’ll see soon enough, this turned out to be more complicated than I thought. Because I’m as tough as a wet noodle, Strength and Endurance aren’t important, so I distributed the SPECIAL points into Agility, Intelligence, and Charisma. A bomb fell, Nate got offed, my child was stolen, and I cosplayed as a fudgesicle. Before I can get 10mm Pistol to take them out at range, I must deal with a few roaches. For some reason, this was harder than it should have been. It was also annoying as my health had not yet been set to 1 because I didn’t have a Pip-Boy to see what my health was. So I reloaded a save if I took any damage. Then I got the Pip-Boy, escaped the Vault, and headed to Sanctuary Hills to reunite with Codsworth, get another SPECIAL point, and crack open a safe. I looted a shotgun off a corpse, met Dogmeat, and entered Concord. Preston Garvey had unfortunately killed most of the Raiders outside the Museum of Freedom, robbing me of sweet experience points. But I completed the Out Of Time quest, leveled up, and noticed something unfortunate, though not entirely unexpected. When you level up in Fallout 4, your health increases. So every time I level up, I must enter a command to take my health back down to 1. I entered the Museum and made quick work of the Raiders inside. As is tradition, I used the Power Armor to rip the Minigun off its bipod, exited the Power Armor, switched to a Pipe Rifle, began clearing the town, and after taking out almost all of them, I parkoured my way off the roof and down to the ground. And then a new problem. I took damage. Strange, that shouldn’t happen. I reloaded a save and discovered the problem. Armor. Armor effects how much damage you take, something I neglected to think about. The run is still salvageable. The few times I took damage I reloaded a prior save. This just means I can’t use any armor whatsoever. Not ideal, but whatever. The next task was to deal with the Deathclaw. The first time he hit me with a rock. I wasn’t gonna let that happen again, so I used Psycho, Jet, and a Minigun to finish him off. I know, I know, Psycho increases damage resistance. But if I took any damage, I would have reloaded a save, so it’s a non-issue. On my way to Diamond City, I stopped and bought a suit from Trashcan Carla. It doesn’t have any damage resistance, but it boosts Charisma by 2, which is useful in getting more caps out of NPCs. And that’s exactly what I did next. I also killed some drug dealer because drugs are bad, mkay. Then I got distracted by some feral ghouls and helped out Paladin Danse. I say “helped out”, but really I just threw Molotov’s off the top of a bus. Clearing out Arcjet Systems with Danse wasn’t as hard as you’d expect. Stay hidden behind a wall and only take pot shots at the synths while Danse does the heavy lifting and you’ll be fine. Once I made sure he hadn’t been cooked to death, we got the thingy he was after, I got a Laser Rifle from him, and I was back on the road to Diamond City. Once I got inside, I returned to Sanctuary to drop off a bunch of stuff I didn’t need.
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