Can You Beat Resident Evil 5 Without Guns? - Part 1 of 2

Can Resident Evil 5 really be beaten without guns? Knife only? Grenade only? Follow me on instagram: danteravioliyt After playing RE5 on PS4 for the first time, I decided a fun challenge run to do on it would be a no guns challenge. Is this even possible? Can Wesker be defeated without guns? Can you save Jill Valentine? Hop into this Resident Evil 5 gaming challenge and we'll find out together my brothers. This game is also known as Biohazard 5. If you enjoy watching Resident Evil videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel because I make new gaming challenge videos every week and I have tons of Resident Evil content on my channel, mostly consisting of the RE2 remake, RE4, and RE7! Subscribe to me here: #residentevil #residentevil5 #re5 Do you enjoy watching Resident Evil gaming challenges, or just Resident Evil content in general? Check out my other RE videos here: Can Ashley Kill the Knights in Resident Evil 4? - Can You Kill the Verdugo in Resident Evil 4 With Only a Door? - Can You Beat Resident Evil 4 With Only The Mine Thrower? - How Many Enemies Can You Avoid Killing in Resident Evil 4? - Can You Kill the Chainsaw Guy in Resident Evil 4 With Only An Egg? - Can You Kill the Chainsaw Guy With Only a Ladder in Resident Evil 4? - Can You Beat Resident Evil 4 Without Running? - Can You Beat Resident Evil 7 With Only a Knife? - I frigging LOVE Sheva! She’s such a great partner, she’s always there for me, and really, she’s just so frigging smart. I’m so glad the developers of Resident Evil 5 decided to put her in the game, I wouldn’t have anyone else but her. YOU love Sheva, and YOU love Sheva! EVERYONE loves Sheva! Little did I know, I’d come to completely hate Sheva by the end of this journey. Hello friends, my name is Dante and today I pulled the riskiest gamer move of all time. I jumped into an action packed game full of guns, rejected all them big boys, and ran into battle with nothing but the clothes on my back, and the… fists on my forearms. And also a stun rod. Wait what? You’re saying Resident Evil 5 is impossible to play without guns? I got grenades! I got karate! I can frigging PUNCH BOULDERS MAN! I don’t need guns! I pulled out my meat saber, put on my kicking shoes, and got straight to work. So, can you beat Resident Evil 5 without guns? Can I pull off such a madlad move? Let’s go on this journey and find out together. So we start the game off in Africa, we see Sheva’s thiccness, and then we make intense eye contact for nine minutes straight. I don’t know about you guys, but I really like this one. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? To get Sheva attracted to me, I knew I had to pull off a real bad boy move and prove that I was the alpha male around town. So I walked up to a group of soyboys and taught them who’s boss. How do you do fellow kids? That’s when I began to hear strange noises coming from the bag. Oh god oh jesus SOMEONE HELP ME! Are you attracted to me yet? Sheva and I got our new weapons and I completely denied to grab them, but the man wouldn’t let us by unless I did. And no, I wasn’t scared of him ok. I only picked the guns up to progress the story. Little did this man know he’d be epicly pranked because the moment I grabbed my gun, I deleted it from my inventory. Then I proceeded to take Sheva’s weapon from her and I deleted it too. You women are always talking about equal rights, and that right there was a steaming hot bowl of equal rights. Oh shoot. Wait I didn’t even explain the rules did I? That’d probably be a good idea huh? Alright so basically, we have to get through this game without using a single gun. So what’s allowed then? Knives are allowed, punching is allowed, grenades or any sort of bombs are allowed, and stun rods are allowed. Basically anything that doesn’t go BOOM BOOM. And no, the flame thrower is not allowed whether you’d call that a gun or not. So really, although this game is absolutely LOADED with different kinds of guns and ammo, I can only use four methods to dispose of enemies. And spoiler alert: I played on the hardest difficulty available to me which was veteran. MAD LAD ALERT! OH and by the way, in this game for some dumb reason, you can grab all of the items in the area, quit the game, and come back into it and you’ll have all of the items you had from the last playthrough. Essentially if you take the time, you can just clone the same item over and over again for as long as you want. This ISN’T ALLOWED.
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