Can I Beat Resident Evil 1 Without the Item Box?

Hello friends, today I finally tried Resident Evil 1 for the first time and it was so much fun and an incredibly good PS4 game! Now all I need to complete the story is Resident Evil 3, which is coming out in April. Follow me on Twitter @danteravioli and instagram @danteravioliyt for new updates and fun pictures of me and other cool things. So, can I beat Resident Evil 1 without my trusty friend the item box? Or will my inventory be so limited that I end up failing? Only time will tell. I'll explain some of the rules behind this challenge below and why it's so difficult. Also, I played on normal difficulty (which is the most difficult difficulty right out of the box). If you enjoy watching Resident Evil videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel because I make new gaming challenge videos every week and I have tons of Resident Evil content on my channel, mostly consisting of the RE2 remake, RE4, RE5, and RE7! RE6 and the new RE3 remake will be coming soon and I'm definitely excited for RE3! Subscribe to me here: #residentevil #residentevil1 Here's how this Resident Evil challenge works: you start off with 8 inventory slots as Jill Valentine, and 6 inventory slots as Chris Redfield. Throughout the game, you pick up many items to use in puzzles and surprisingly, you can't discard or drop items. If you pick something up, you're stuck with it until you either use it in a puzzle or use it yourself (like a healing item or bullets). So I have to be extremely careful not to totally use up Jill's 8 inventory slots because if they're full and I need to pick up a key item, the challenge is failed. And I can't put useless items away either. If I use the lighter for a puzzle and I'm done using it for the rest of the game, I can't just throw it in the item box for extra inventory space. It's got to stay with me the whole time! Is this challenge even possible? Find out by watching the whole video. I think we can all agree that the original Resident Evil is a masterpiece. Sure, the voice acting is a little bad and the camera angles can get incredibly annoying and frustrating, but opening 800 doors throughout the playthrough makes it all worth it. That was sarcasm. I hate doors after this gameplay. I actually only played the original RE for the first time just last week. I played RE4 a lot when I was younger but never really got into the older games. I either thought they were too difficult with the constant changing camera angles or I was too scared to play them. But not now boys, now I make fun of the enemies! They're easy dude. How do I feel about Barry and his "problems"? Will Wesker turn into my best friend by the end? Did Mr. Osbourne help me like I needed him to? And do I ever save Lenny? Find out in the beautiful, amazing, award winning story above. In other words, stop reading this and watch the video! Also watch my other gaming challenge videos. I have a ton of them. Thanks to Ross Bugden for some awesome music! Check out his channel and check out the song I used here: Do you enjoy watching Resident Evil gaming challenges, or just watching Resident Evil content in general? Check out my other RE videos and playlists here: Resident Evil 4 playlist: Resident Evil 2 Remake playlist: Resident Evil 5 playlist: Can You Beat Resident Evil 5 Without Guns? - Part 1 of 2 - Can You Beat Resident Evil 5 Without Guns? - Part 2 of 2 - Can Ashley Kill the Knights in Resident Evil 4? - Can You Beat Resident Evil 4 Without Running? - Can You Beat Resident Evil 4 With Only The Mine Thrower? - Can Arthur Drag a Man Across the Map in Red Dead Redemption 2? - How Many Enemies Can You Avoid Killing in The Last of Us? - Can You Beat The Last of Us Using Only Throwables? -
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