VG Myths - Can You Beat The Last of Us Without Scavenging?

Tonight on VG Myths: a Scavengeless (Low%) challenge in The Last of Us, attempting to beat the game without picking up any optional items. That usually means no guns, no healing, and no anything. This run was done live! If you'd like to join the chat, you can find me on Twitch; I'm currently still working on a "Level 1" run of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. If you'd like to watch the stream archives, they'll be uploaded soon at the Let's Strem channel: If you'd like to support the channel and make possible shows like VG Myths, Every Change To, Region Freedom, Dumb Fun Gaming, and A Complete Review, please consider backing on Patreon~ *Media Sources* The Last of Us Remastered (PS4), Music from KH Insider Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA)
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