Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With ONLY The Items In Doc Mitchell's House?

Fallout New Vegas is a game that definitely changed the Fallout world with its variety. Today I will attempt to answer a question I am sure no one has asked. Can you beat Fallout New Vegas with only the Items in Doc Mitchell's house? An odd challenge to say the least but this is a spiritual successor to my Fallout 4 video: Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only The Items In Vault 111? I hope you enjoyed the video my friend! My Next video will be on Fallout 4! Stay tuned for more, and subscribe if you enjoy Fallout and or Bethesda related content! #canyoubeat #fallout #fallout4 If you enjoyed this video, check out my others! Can You Beat Skyrim Using Only Shield Bash? Can You Beat Fallout 4 Using Only DogMeat? Can You Beat Fallout 4 Using Only Mines? Can you Beat Fallout 4 Using Only Cannibalism to Heal? : Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only The Items In Vault 111? Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas Using Only The Items in Doc Mitchell's House - Text Version: Fallout New Vegas was a game that brought variety to the Fallout world. But what if instead of variety, we kept things simple. Today we will attempt to beat Fallout New Vegas using only the items in Doc Mitchell's House. As always before we can start, a few rules need to be set for the run. Our first rule: No sneak build at all as we dont want to make things easier and rule 2: I can only use the items in the house where i the game begins. I can repair my weapons at merchants but any consumables or weapons used must be found in this house. Now lets attempt to answer a question no one has ever asked. I woke up to a creepy guy watching me as i slept. Made the epitome of perfection itself. Named him after a sweetheart that comments on my videos and then pounded my skill points into strength, blah and blah. For the boosted attributes it didnt really matter (show screen saying i dont know what im thinkign) and then i went off like a drug fiend scavenging off for everything last peiece of gear in Mitchell's house. It broke my heart for him to see me this way but i had to. I found a couple of knives, a 9mm pistol, 8 stimpacks and quite a few consumbable healing items. The ammo i got was laughably scarce. So i was going to have to fist some dudes with a knife for a majority of this run. Goodsprings was as just as i remembered it, you know what they say, give a man a friendly town, he'll stay for a day. Give a man a problem to deal with and he'll watch as the people of good springs f*** the powder gangers right in their booties like a bunch of highschool hussies. After watching the slaughter my work here was done, and i was then off to the nearest city, prim. My decision making is as good as a baby crossing a busy road and for some reason i didnt bother to change any of my attributes to adjust my build but oh well. The walk to good neighbor was fun, i clapped a couple of scary lizards and then had my first interaction with NCR scum. (Show me killing while i say that) I had to show him a bit of that pale boy loving, this is a technique i am not sure many of you know. I will make a how to video on it in the near future. After i was done, i went off to continue with my quest. The run was proving easy so far, but before we go any further, lets talk about what is going to go down this run. Seeing as the items i have are absolute trash. My knife is going to have to do it for me this run. So a melee build was going to be imparative. Also, getting my speech to 100 is a must this run because of the final sequence of the game. I only have 8 stimpacks so the choices i make need to be the right ones. Along the way, i will need to sleep in a multitude of beds, so if you see my randomly gain health, that is why. Now lets get back to it. The deputy of prim needed a knight in shining armor, so being the chad i am, i Ran through hacking and slashing. Mid way through i had to take a quick nap, but right after i got back to it and showed those turds what a real man tastes like. The interaction went easier than expected. It was nice to know that our lord and savior Nicholas cage was looking after me this journ- oh what the fu- I killed them all and then the mayor and his boys told me where to head next to find my archnemesis. The man in the checkered suit. They pointed me in the right direction, and with the speed of a boy alt tabbing off a naughty website when someone entered the room i was out of there. (Show the girl stuck in a wall and get scared.) Hey, uhmm. Cmoncmon think of a pun. Uh Yeah, it looks like that wall- ohhh shitttt. Let rad scorpion set them(make meme of it) free. I made it to some sort of weird incampment, and assisted a couple of rad roaches in setting the prisoners free. It looks like their plan was to not set then free, but hey, at use.
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